Drawing online course

Learn to draw with our 12 easy online lessons that will take you from choosing the pencils and starting to sketch to drawing shadows and putting final touches!



We’ll show you how to observe and draw different things from simple objects to plants, animals and people.

You will need only our online lessons and basic drawing materials. Once you register you will have access to the course during one year which will give you plenty of time to master the technique!

And by way, you don’t have to have any previous knowledge about drawing. Just follow us on the enjoyable journey of learning how to draw! Have a look bellow at what you will learn and check out one of the lessons for free!!


Online lessons

Drawing Online Course Lesson 011. Materials and setting

  • Types of paper, pencils and rubber gums
  • Drawing with easel, table, board
  • Setting the lights

Drawing Online Course Lesson 02

2. Compostion

  • Different kinds of composition
  • How to construct them
  • When to apply them

Drawing Online Course Lesson 03

3. Proportions

  • Why are proportions important
  • How to measure proportions
  • How to check proportions of a drawing

Drawing Online Course Lesson 04

4. Forms

  •  Basic shapes
  • Complex objects
  • How to start

Drawing Online Course Lesson 05

5. Space and perspective

  • One-, two-, and three-point perspective
  • Simple rules for drawing objects in perspective
  • Tips and tricks for perspective drawing

Drawing Online Course Lesson 06

6. Drawing techniques

  • Line drawing techniques
  • Shading styles
  • Tips and trick for shading and tones

Drawing Online Course Lesson 07

7. Color and texture

  • Objects proper color
  • Material and texture
  • Drawing process

Drawing Online Course Lesson 08

8. Light and shadow

  • Direct light
  • Reflected light
  • Tips and tricks for the light presentation

Drawing Online Course Lesson 09

9. How to draw people

  • Basic proportions of male and female body
  • Face and head proportions
  • Body in movement

Drawing Online Course Lesson 10

10. How to draw animals

  • How to draw vertebrates (mammals, birds…)
  • How to draw arthropods (crabs, insects…)
  • How to draw amorphous animals (octopus, jellyfish…)

Drawing Online Course Lesson 11

11. How to draw plants

  • “Construction” of plants
  • Finding and drawing main lines and shapes
  • Drawing details

Drawing Online Course Lesson 12

12. How to draw landscapes

  • Choosing the horizon position
  • Ways to present distant and near objects
  • Eye movement and rhythm


After each of the first eight lessons we will show you a part of a step-by-step  drawing process of the still-life you can see bellow.  You will be able to apply the same rules to any kind of drawing with great results!

Drawing practice 1

Drawing practice 2


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